Surf Coaching

A wave a day keeps the doctor away!

Weekend Surf Coaching Trips

Get away from the city crowds and escape on a Salty Safari! Uncrowded waves, video coaching and in water coaching. The fast-track path you need to improve your surfing.

Learn from the pros.


All video footage is analysed and afterwards, you get to keep a copy.

If you’re just starting out on your surfing journey, we’ll educate and provide you with the essential skills you need to safely enjoy and get the most out of your surf.

Take your surfing to the next level.

Surf Coaching for All Levels

Our surf coaching is tailored for all different levels of surfers abilities. We have over 10 years of surf coaching experience and have taught thousands of beginners through to advanced surfers. 

Beginner Classes

  • Kick off your surfing career by teaching you the best techniques and practices. Give yourself the best chance of progressing by learning good habits, early.
  • We provide you with stable and boyant 8-9ft or 8ft foam surfboards. They’re soft and forgiving. With this equipmrnt you’ll have a much more enjoyable time in the surf when just starting out.
  • Learn in learner-freindly waves. We’ll teach you what to look for when picking a break to paddle out to. Picking the right spot can make all the difference. We ensure everyone can have a safe and fun experience.
  • Learn the correct technique to pop up- setting you up for long term surfing success
  • We teach you how to fall properly without injuring yourself 
  • Educating you on all the important parts of ocean knowledge such as rips, sand banks, tides, winds and many other important variable factors 
Learn good habits early, with the right equipment, instruction and surf conditions for your level.

Intermediate Surfers

  • Learning how to gain speed from the right parts of the wave 
  • Improve your speed generation through pumping and compression & extension tips 
  • Realise how your eyes and arms play a critical role in your turning 
  • Differieante between the right and wrong parts of the waves to allow different turns 
  • Utilise different feedback techniques such as in water coaching + film analysis coaching
Accelerate your surfing progression