National Park Hike N Surf

National Park Hike N Surf

Discover the Hidden Gem: Scenic Hike and Wildlife Encounter
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and embark on a weekend adventure with Salty Safaris. We invite you to explore one of
Sydney’s best-kept secrets, just a short drive from the CBD.

Join us on an unforgettable journey through a scenic hike along the breathtaking East Coast of Australia. Our expert guides will pick you up from convenient locations in the Eastern Suburbs or the CBD, and together we’ll set off on a picturesque drive south.

The hike itself takes approximately 2-3 hours, immersing you inawe-inspiring views that span from cliffside mountains to hidden
beaches. Keep your eyes peeled for encounters with native wildlife, such as wallabies and kangaroos, adding an extra touch of magic to your experience. Along the way, our knowledgeable guide will share fascinating stories about the area’s rich history and the charming settlements nestled within its mountainous terrain.

After an invigorating hike, we’ll treat you to a visit to a delightful waterside restaurant and cafe nestled in the heart of the national park. Relax and unwind as you enjoy the mesmerizing views of a river meandering through the park, while being delighted by up-close encounters with a variety of native birds, animals, and wildlife.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary adventure. Book your trip today
and unlock the hidden wonders of this captivating national park.

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